Simple, safe cleaning solutions with premium microfiber & water. Reduce your daily chemical exposure for you, your kids, pets & surfaces!

Norwex has very high clean standards and have banned over 2400 harmful and toxic chemicals from their products. Their liquid products are plant based and therefore, have a nice light and natural floral scent (no overpowering toxic scents)!

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🎄“The Famous Cloths!” Norwex Basics for every Home!🎄

🤩 A: ENVIROCLOTH: Our everything cloth! Use it wet with water. It has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following proper care and use instructions. It’s magical!
⚡️B: WINDOW CLOTH: Everything gets shiny & streak-free with this cloth! After you clean with your wet Envirocloth, use your Window Cloth to shine to a sparkling clean for any shiny surface. Amazing on mirrors, windows, car windshields (no streaks for nighttime driving), and stainless steel!
🍃 C-E: DUSTING MITT: Dust will meet its rival! You can also use this handy tool for the beach to get sand off your feet! And use it wet to clean window screens or the inside of your vehicle effortlessly to save you tons of time. These can also become stockings to hang on your mantle. 🙂
🌎 F-G: BASIC SET: This set has 1-Enviro & 1-Window Cloth. This set is the cheapest way to get an Enviro & Window! Buy the set as a gift or stock up for your home.
🎄H: HOUSEHOLD PACKAGE: Enviro, Window, and Dusting Mitt. This is how to safely & effectively clean almost 90% of your home!! Just these cloths & water.
🤩 I: HOUSEHOLD PACKAGE PLUS: This set includes the Enviro, Window, Dusting Mitt, and the EnviroWand! The EnviroWand is great at cleaning ceiling fans, blinds, & crown molding. Even your LINT TRAP! This will also fit on your MOP handle for hard to reach areas like ceiling fans or crown molding.
⚡️ J: SAFE HAVEN 5: Enviro, Window, Dusting Mitt, Cleaning Paste & Laundry Detergent! The best deal for these 5 products that work all together!
🍃 K: SAFE HAVEN PACKAGE PLUS: Enviro, Window, Dusting Mitt, Cleaning Paste, Spirisponges, Kitchen Cloth & Towel, Laundry Detergent, & Face & Body Cloths-set of 3. The BEST & most practical GIFT for someone to Norwex their home for the first time or to RE-STOCK your own Norwex supply!
🌎 L: THE RAINBOW PACKAGE: 4 Envirocloths in different colors! If you need a bathroom cloth, a kitchen cloth, and an everything cloth, you can color coordinate with this set.
🎄M: TRAVEL PACK: 5 travel sized Envirocloths! Use these when you grocery shop, travel (think airplane tray), or when you spill something on your shirt! These also could be split up for amazing stocking stuffers or tied with a ribbon to make an awesome gift for a teacher or family member!
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🎄The KITCHEN! These are tools to make your Kitchen TIME faster, easier, and more fun! ❤️

⚡️A-C: COUNTER CLOTHS: Pack of 3 Counter Cloths. NO MORE PAPER TOWELS! Let’s all chant that together. Silver inside so they self-purify! See how long you can go before you use a paper towel! Simply wash & re-use. I suggest you wash once a week. These also make wonderful gifts & fantastic cloth napkins for your table.
🌎D-F: BOX SET: 2 Packs of Counter Cloths and the cutest little house for them to sit in so you can have it right on your counter top for quick grabbing. Again, these are just like a paper towel! Silver inside so they self-purify! Use zip ties to give your “house” more stories or hang it on the wall to save counter space!
⭐️G: ENVIROSPONGES: Sponges with Baclock?! Genius!! They’ve got a microfiber side and a scrubby side to help tackle all the messes. These come in a pack of 2.
🎄H: BAMBOO CLOTH: There’s just something magical about this one. It’s similar to an Envirocloth but just a bit more textured making it a bit scrubbier. It’s the BEST on surfaces that need a little extra scrub like the counter top or in the car!
🌊I: DISHWASHING LIQUID: It’s awesome & it’s for hand washing dishes!
☕️J: DISH CLOTHS: Replace the stinky sponge in your kitchen! This mesh cloth replaces your stinky sponge forever. Add soap & wash your dishes! Hang to dry and voila! No more stinky sponge. You can cut it if you need a smaller size, but note you will void the warranty. 🏡K: SILICONE LIDS: Protect those drinks! No bugs will be sneaking into your drink with one of these. It’s also great if you’ve got a beverage or food you want to stick in the fridge for later.
⚡️L. SILICONE BAKEWARE LID: GOODBYEEEE to the plastic wrap/foil. Throw on this cute lid and cook or store your Christmas casseroles!
🌎M: SILICONE CONTAINERS: This is a good solution to getting rid of the plastic containers where the chemicals in plastics can often leach into our food. They come in 4 different sizes. Hand wash the lids to prevent them from warping in any way.
⭐️N: DEGREASER: This cuts through grease like nothing I’ve ever seen. Annnnd….it smells awesome! Dilute 1 part Degreaser to 7 parts water in a spray bottle and spray on greasy areas. Or use with a Spirinette to clean your oven. No toxic fumes required.
🎄O: KITCHEN TOWELS: LOVE these! Watch the video to see how to hang them up! Silver inside helps the towel to self-purify so they don’t get smelly nasty in your kitchen. We sometimes even use them in the bathroom! And it can hold up to a cup and a half of WATER! 🌊P: KITCHEN TOWEL AND CLOTH SET: Because matching sets make us happy. Yes, yes they do.
☕️Q: PRODUCE WASH: Spray this enzyme based cleaner on grapes, berries, or other hard to clean foods! The enzymes break down wax or other grossness on your produce! Rinse and eat!
🏡R: FRUIT AND VEGGIE SCRUB CLOTH: Use wet to scrub clean apples, watermelons, potatoes, & carrots! Wrap this around an apple with a ribbon for a cute teacher gift.
⚡️S-U: ULTRAZYME & RINSE AID: This duo is perfect for your dishwasher! My dishes have never been so shiny! You can use 1/2 scoop per load and go up from there based on your hard water. The Rinse Aid helps water clear quickly from your dishes making them super sparkly.
🌎V-W: KITCHEN CLOTHS: These are the same as an Enviro but with more color choices and made in a wonderful size for your Kitchen Counters! Choose the colors & textures that fit you best.
⭐️X-Y: DISH MAT: Absorbs an epic amount of water. Make sure you put the mesh side up! Silver is also inside this thing so it self-purifies. It can be folded and put away when not in use.
🎄Z: CUTTING BOARDS: Made of rice husks! Minimal indentations when cutting so it doesn’t harbor a bunch of nasty bacteria! The silicone on the bottom prevents sliding.
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Great way to easily keep your Norwex kitchen cloth off the floor!

🎄The Good Stuff!

💥A-D: FOREVER BOTTLES: Frosted glass with a silicone bottom to keep it from sliding. These are beautiful! You can use them for water or diluting Norwex cleaners like Bathroom Cleaner and Degreaser! Write on them to label if you’d like and remove with Cleaning Paste as needed.
🏡E-G: ALL PURPOSE CREAM CLEANER & UTILITY BRUSH: You can get these separately but I have to talk about them together because they pair perfectly. The Cream is similar to Cleaning Paste but it does not require water to activate. Then the brush….oooooh that wonderful brush. This thing is a grout cleaning DREAM! It’s also great around faucets and any small areas you have a hard time getting to.
💙H: BATHROOM CLEANER: This replaces conventional toilet bowl cleaner! Add to your toilet brush and scrub away! You can also dilute as a multipurpose cleaner (1 part cleaner to 7 parts water) in your bathroom. Not for use on natural stone.
⚡️I: OVEN & GRILL CLEANER: Enzyme-based cleaner to eat away all the nasty. Just warm up your oven or grill to about 100 degrees, spray it on, scrub, and rinse clean! Note: if you hear sizzling…it’s too hot!
🎄J: DESCALER: Flip open the metal screen and spray on rust, lime, calcium build-up, or other hard water deposits. Try it on your shower head! Let it work for 5 minutes then use the scrubby side of your Bathroom Scrub Mitt or a Spirisponge. Scrub and then rinse away with the wet microfiber side on your Bathroom Scrub Mitt or a wet Enviro Cloth.
💥K: MATTRESS CLEANER: STOP right here. Yikes….do you know what lives in our mattresses? Have you heard of dust mites? They eat our skin cells and poop all over where you sleep. Yikes. Hello allergies. Strip your bed, spray this stuff & let it work for 3 to 4 hours and it will eat away all that organic material! Remake your bed & sleep in peace! 🏡L: CARPET STAIN REMOVER: THE best stain remover ever! Spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and the scrub out the stain with a wet Enviro or Kitchen Cloth. Enzymes will continue to break down that stain even after you quit scrubbing.
💙M-N: ERGONOMIC TOILET BRUSH: Rubber bristles with a silver agent inside and a rim extension for cleaning under the rim! It hangs to dry too so the brush isn’t sitting in nasty water when you’re done cleaning! Pairs perfectly with our Bathroom Cleaner…trust me…you want the set or you’re missing out on magic.
⚡️O: CLEANING PASTE: Some people refer to this as elbow grease in a jar. It’s SO LEGIT! Take your favorite scrubber, get it wet, and swirl it into this DRY paste. Do you have a little one who likes to leave their artwork on everything but paper? Give this a shot. Tubs, sinks, stovetop, oven, shoes, headlights….it is a life saver.
🎄 P: SPIRISPONGES (2 Pack): Amazing non-scratch scrubbers for use with the Cleaning Paste! They can work magical things in your home! Get it wet and dip into the Cleaning Paste and scrub! This combo is especially effective on crayon or permanent marker that may not have been used exactly as you intended!
💥 Q: SPIRINETTES (2 Pack): High quality stainless steel scrubbers. They are NOT iron and then coated with SS…so they resist rust! As in..they never ever rust. They are amazing. Use with the Cleaning Paste to clean an oven! You can also use them to scrub stainless steel pots & pans.
🏡R: ENVIROSCRUBS: Pack of 3 square sized cloths! One scrubby side & one quilted Enviro Cloth side! Silver inside! These also have a cute label to easily hang them to dry!
💙S: BATHROOM SCRUB MITT: Use as a quick wipe down of a bathroom area! Start at your sink & end with your toilet and throw in the wash! You can also use a cleaner or cleaning paste with the scrubby side for areas in your home that need a little extra scrub.
⚡️ T: MAGNET BALL: Put this in the bottom rack of your dishwasher, inside your washing machine, or in the back of your toilet tank to avoid calcium buildup. It literally attacks the hard water minerals into itself! Clean it regularly with the Straw Cleaning Brush.
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🌲The MOP! Here it is!!!

🏡 A: ENTRY MAT: Grab the nasty stuff at the door! This entry mat grabs the dirty & gross on your shoes at your entry way and prevents it from coming inside!
💥 B: RUBBER BRUSH: A must have to clean off your dry mop pad & Entry Mat!! Other uses include (but not limited to): carpeted stairs, pet hair or lint on furniture, the inside of your car, using with water to clean your entry mat, and even for de-hairing your pet (if they’re hairy)!
💛 C: HAND-HELD CLEANING SYSTEM: Great for windshield build-up before night driving…..or for cleaning windows or anything else in your house! The base can also fit on your Norwex MOP Handle!
💧D: WINDOW MOP PAD: Did you know you can even clean windows with your Norwex mop!? Wet mop your outdoor or indoor windows and then throw on the Window Mop Pad to POLISH your windows to shining!
🎄E. CHENILLE MOP PAD: Great on Pet Hair! Use in a figure 8 motion to grab all the big particles to the middle of the floor! Pick up what you collected with your Dusting Mitt or damp Enviro Cloth!
🏡F-G. DRY MOP PAD: Grabs onto the dust and pet hair on your floors. Go in a figure 8 motion around your floors to gather up the larger pieces of debris into a pile for easy clean up and then use your rubber brush to scrape all that yuck of your dry pad into the garbage!
💥H-I: WET MOP PAD: Clean your floors with ONLY water! How cool is that?! No more chemical residue all over your floors absorbing into our skin, our kids’ skin, and our cute furry friends!
💛 J: TILE MOP PAD: A great add on for a tile floor or flooring with some build-up. The chevron sections are scrubby!
💧 K-L: SUPERIOR MOP SYSTEMS: Includes Handle, Base, Dry Mop Pad, and Wet Mop Pad! Use with only water to clean your floors forever! Lightweight, easily moved from room to room. And watch the demo video for even more hacks today!
M: THE MINI MOP! Need a mop for a camper, RV, beach house or do you have a small bathroom? Mini Mop is awesome! It’s also a great gift!
N: THE RUBBER BRUSH: What? You haven’t used this thing yet?! Remove pet hair from ANYTHING. Wipe off dirt, lint, and hair from your Dusting Mitts and Dry Mop Pads. AND…it’s like heaven for a dog that needs to be de-haired.
🎄 O: ENVIROWAND: Clean your ceiling fan so fast or use on your blinds & hard to reach areas in your home. Even your LINT TRAP! This will also fit on your MOP handle for REALLY high areas in your home!
🏡P: RUBBER BROOM SYSTEM: NEW! Think Rubber Brush on steroids. It’s awesome for your big area rugs and carpet. Saves you from having to get down on your hands and knees to manually brush and it covers more area. Comes with the attachment and the handle.
💥Q: RUBBER BROOM ATTACHMENT: Because Norwex is simply genius & makes everything interchangeable, if you already have the telescopic handle (in any color). You can just grab the attachment and you’re good to go.
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🌲The Laundry ROOM!

🌿A: ULTRA POWER PLUS LAUNDRY DETERGENT: Wash your clothes without the fragrance, phosphates, or optical brighteners! Not only can you use 1/2 tsp per load in an HE washing machine, but you can use this as a multipurpose cleaner for pre-treating stains, carpet stains, & to clean your stainless steel! You can also use it in a carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets!
⭐️B: LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT: This stuff is awesome on grass stains, bodily fluids, and other every-day stains! ONE pump per load in an HE machine.
☕️C: STAIN REMOVER: Put it on, scrub it in, let it sit, and WASH! This is a great stain remover for markers, pen, clay, and other accidents!
🏡D: FLUFF AND TUMBLE DRYER BALLS: Throw all 3 into your dryer! Your clothes will be soft & fluffed but without fabric softener or dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are the 2nd most toxic things in our homes! Save your money & use re-usable dryer balls. I’ve had mine for 6 years! Reduce your drying time if you get static as these will help your cloths dry faster! Add essential oils for a natural scent!
💥 E: ODOR ELIMINATOR: This replaces your aerosol disinfectants in your home! Spray where you need to reduce odor. One part Odor Eliminator to 7 parts water! You can also throw a cap full into your wash cycle if you’ve got some serious smell laundry going on.
🌊F: MICROFIBER BOOSTER: This is great for deep soaking your Norwex! Use a half scoop in HOT water in your sink to deep soak your cloths every couple of months. Your Norwex cloths needs spa day to unwind…so this is a good addition to your routine. You can also add the Booster to your loads of whites! It’s also great in a spray bottle. Dilute it (1 tsp per 8 ounces of water) & put it into a spray bottle to pre-treat stains or clean up carpet stains! Smells amazing.
🔵G: LINT MITT: Get the pet hair or lint off in a hot second. Wipe against the grain to pull off hair or lint! If you have pets and like to wear black, this is a must have for you.
🌿H: SPORTZYME: Pet accidents? Sports Equipment? Stinky shoes? Spray it on, let it work, reduce the smelliness!!! Super fast! This is an excellent gift for policemen, fire fighters, and hockey athletes.
⭐️I-J- LET’S DO LAUNDRY PACK: Your choice of detergent, Dryer Balls, and a Stain Remover so you can fully take charge of detoxing your laundry situation!
🙌 Day #5 Before & Afters:


🌲 BATH TOWELS! You know there’s silver in here right??!! #genius

⭐️A-B: STRIPED BATH TOWELS: These are new & glide beautifully across your skin! They are thin, but also a bit more similar to a traditional cotton towel in how they feel on your skin. The Silver inside helps them to self-purify as they hang to dry.
❤️C-E: ORIGINAL BATH TOWELS: These are the founding bath towel with Norwex! Silver inside. Super thin & easily stored. Absorbent and of course they self-purify themselves! The goal here is doing LESS laundry!!! Yes please!
🛁F-G: STRIPED BODY & FACE CLOTHS: Use this cloth with JUST water to wash your face & body. No soap or cleanser needed! No residue. No buildup. So fast & so easy. Great for traveling or after a surgery! No ingredients to worry about & great for kids with sensitive skin. The striped cloths are super soft! If you already have the original, def give the striped a try!
⭐️H-J: ORIGINAL BODY CLOTHS: Use with just water on your skin! No soap! Remember, if you want to shave, wipe down your leg with this magical cloth and water, get your razor wet and the area wet, and shave! It’s magical for no razor burn! 3 color options with this style!
❤️K-L: HAIR WRAP: Light Blue and Vanilla! Wrap up your hair after a shower for a quick dry! It can remove up to 70% of water in about 10 minutes. Make sure the button goes in the back, wrap up your hair, twist towards the back of your head 2-3 times, then secure the string on the button at the back of your head! Enjoy! Silver inside helps this wrap self-purify as well.
🛁M-R: CHENILLE HAND TOWEL: The best hand towel! (and cutest!) Three awesome things about this. 1. Silver inside!! 2. So so so super absorbent. 3. No one can run off with it. Love these in the bathroom but they work awesome in the kitchen too.
⭐️S: EXFOLIATING FACIAL MITT: One side for makeup removal and one side for exfoliating your skin! Start easy and watch your skin glow!
❤️ T: BODY SCRUB MITT: A mitt for your shower or bath! One scrubby side and one body cloth side! Super easy & a great gift! 🛁U: FACIAL PADS: These tiny little guys replace your cotton balls! One side is body cloth material, other side is makeup removed cloth material. Perfect for getting right around you eye to remove makeup.
⭐️V: BACK SCRUBBER: Just water on your skin to exfoliate! It can also be used on your feet!
❤️ W: MAKEUP REMOVER CLOTHS: These cloths are limited to make-up removal on your face. They aren’t for the rest of your body & I personally prefer the Body & Face Cloths. But there are many who love how smooth and soft this cloth is! Make sure you use it super wet.
🛁X-Y: PILLOW CASES: Pillow cases with Baclock!! The silver inside helps these pillowcases self-purify themselves! Since your pillowcase is worse than a toilet after a week of not being washed…this is a nice perk! They’re great for acne prone skin and can help reduce tangles in your hair.
⭐️Z-ZZ: SHEETS: Luxury sheets! With silver inside. I can’t wait to hear how good you sleep!!!
🙌 Day #6 Before & Afters:


👏🏼 A: TOOTHBRUSH: This thing has Silver in it y’all. Incredible. It self-purifies so you don’t put bacteria back in your mouth over & over. Replace the heads every 3 to 6 months, and never throw another toothbrush into the landfill again.
💚 B: TOOTHPASTE: White charcoal and probiotics set this toothpaste apart. Kids like it & it’s wonderful for whitening and brightening your teeth. My dentist said my teeth are phenomenal!!!
💧C: TOOTHBRUSH REFILLS: It’s recommended to replace your toothbrush head every 6 months, so you’ll be good to go for a whole year!
💛 D: OPTIC SCARF: Lots of colors. Safe for anti-glare and the best gift you can give yourself if you have glasses or sunglasses & hate the smeary fog that gets worse when you wipe it on your shirt. Also fabulous for removing smears from any screen you have.
🎄E: LIP BALM: A lip balm that’s free from all the toxic junk that hydrates your lips like a dream without having to reapply it 98290803280 times per day.
👏🏼F: BODY BALM: Organic ingredients! Great for bug bites or skin that needs some deeper moisture.
💚G: HAIR CARE: Shampoo & Conditioner: Nutrient rich shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and nourish! Safe for color treated hair. None of the bad because we want to protect our hair! Mask: Two-in-One deep conditioner and hair mask to restore moisture to dry and/or damaged hair. Hair Protecting Spray: This stuff rocks. Heat protectant, protects from pollutants, protects from UV rays, adds shine, and adds hydration. YES! You can feel a difference as soon as your spray this on.
💧H-I: STAINLESS STEEL STRAWS: Reusable and sustainable! Regular size are perfect for smaller drinks but we have long ones for your tumblers and Yeti Travel mugs too! #SaveTheTurtles
💛J-K: PET TO DRY: Get the kiddos excited to wash their hands! Or they might just steal it as a stuffy instead. Either way, super cute!
🎄L-M: BATH SPONGES: Kid’s Sponge: Blue and Yellow color choice! Use with just water in the bath or shower! Elastic hand holder makes it easy to hold onto washing behind their ears.
👏🏼N: PET MITT: Now everyone in the house can clean themselves with a cloth a water! YESSS! This is also perfect to hang by the back door to catch muddy paw prints before they get tracked clear through the house.
💚O: PET TOWEL: You have your own towels, your kids might have their own towels, now your fur children have their own towel. Best part of this is the hand pockets for you so you’ve got control while you’re getting them all dried off.
💧P: FOREVER FOAMING HANDSOAP DISPENSER: It’s glass with a silicone bottom so it won’t slide! So pretty sitting on your sink but also more importantly, functional! It foams beautifully with our foaming hand soap.
💛Q: PET WITH A PURPOSE SEAL: Cute stuffed animal seal. It’s made of different Norwex products so it’s got a few different & fun textures! Norwex donates proceeds from the seal to Washed Ashore- a charitable program creating awareness of marine debris and plastic pollution through art.
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🌲 BONUS! The Holidazzle!

🌲 A: ENVIROCLOTH (teal trim): Not only does it remove everything beautifully from all your surfaces, but it also comes in a cute wintery color! And it matches the Reindeer Window Cloth!
🌲 B: REINDEER WINDOW CLOTH: If you needed a Window Cloth with Reindeer, the time is now. Paired with the Enviro Cloth, this makes an adorable Christmas gift.
🌲 C-D: KIDS OPTIC SCARF: It’s a Dragon and a Unicorn in an Optic Scarf. NOT JUST FOR KIDS.
🌲E: COUNTER CLOTH NAPKINS (SO CUTE): These are adorable napkins rolled up & displayed on your table. Never need to buy paper throw away a napkin again. Just wash and reuse. Perfect for holiday dinners with family & friends.
🌲F: SNOWFLAKE CHENILLE HAND TOWEL: As always, it has the silver inside. So when your guests come over, you don’t have a thing to worry about.
🌲G: SUGARPLUM HAND LOTION: It’s so wweet! If you love scented, sweet stuff, this lotion is for YOU! Very hydrating and smoothing. No parabens or synthetic fragrance.
🌲H: SNOWFLAKE SOAP DISPENSER & SOAP SET: It’s adorable!! And totally Christmassy.
🌲 I: SNOWFLAKE FOAMING SOAP DISPENSER: Silicon sleeve with snowflakes??? Ummmm yes and yes! I seriously want to put a candle in it too (not recommended by Norwex).
🌲J: SOAP REFILL-SUGAR PLUM: This is the large container of foaming soap so you stay stocked up for company this Christmas.
🌲K: DISHWASHING LIQUID: It’s our same awesome dishwashing liquid without the toxins and WITH a great new holiday scent!
🌲L: LAVENDER SCENTED LAUNDRY DETERGENT: This is probably gonna sell out…so buy it up if it’s still available!!! If you want a calming scent in your detergent, grab this stuff!
🌲M: SUGARPLUM TOILET SPRAY: Spray before you GO!!! I mean, it’s not a bad idea.
🌲N: EYE MASK: Night Night sleep tight. Enough said. This thing is suuuuper soft.
🌲O: SPA HEADBAND: Throw it on when you wash your face. So cute, and it could totally make a hair bow in case of emergency.
🌲P: SHEEP DRYER BALLS: 3 sheep to throw into your dryer and make your clothes happy, healthy, and SOFT! BAAAAAAAA. Remember, if you ever get static, please decrease your drying time.
🌲Q: SUGARPLUM HAND SOAP: Want a super cute gift for a teacher, babysitter, or family? This one is super practical and sweeeeeeeet.
🌲R: ESSENTIAL OIL: Smells GREAT. Very grounding and we all need that about now. Throw it on your dryer balls or add to your Forever spray bottle for a grounding scent as you clean!
🌲S: PLUSH TOWEL SET: It’s BAAAACK!! Order while it’s still available! Super plush Bath & Hand Towel plus a pack of 3 Face & Body Cloths makes an amazing Christmas gift. Silver inside of course and super quick to dry! Less laundry for YOU! Merry Christmas. Great gift!
🌲T: PLUSH BATH & HAND TOWEL DUO: Gift the Bath Towel and Hand Towel to yourself or to family & friends this season!
🌲U: ULTRA PLUSH FACE & BODY CLOTHS (SET OF 3): Get the Set of 3 Face and Body Cloths in this plush weave! Just use water to wash your face, take off your makeup, or get clean in the shower. No soap required. You can shave too. No need for more bottles. Just a fluffy cloth and water alone!
🙌 Holiday Bonus Items Info: